The Specialized Turbo S Adjusts Performance To Suit Your Needs

The Specialized Turbo S is an electric bicycle that is perfect for those people who find it difficult to use electric bikes because they have a hard time figuring out and gauging how much electric assist they can use before the battery runs out and they're left to rely on their own pedaling power.

This ingenious bicycle allows you to program the distance and time of your ride, and also lets you select how much of the electric charge you want to use up. The Specialized Turbo S then optimizes its electric assist to suit your specific requirements, ensuring that you don't run out electric power sooner than you'd like.

This is a great example of a transportation solution that takes energy efficiency to the next level. It's all well and good having electric cars and bicycles, but it's even better if you can optimize their use of electric power, which is exactly what the Specialized Turbo S does.