The Car Killer E-Bikes Aim to Replace Cars On the Road

 - Mar 1, 2016
References: calfeedesign & gizmag
As far as e-bikes go, they don't come around more self-assured than the Car Killer. Constructed by Calfee Design, this bamboo e-bike comes with a whole suite of features that could enable it to quite literally take the place of polluting, gas-guzzling cars on the road.

These beautiful e-bikes come with sturdy bamboo frames that are attached together using special lugs made from a blend of epoxy resin and hemp fibers. A BionX D Series rear hub motor pumps out 500 watts worth of pedal assisting power, and is sheathed in a carbon fiber cover for extra protection. Riders can choose precisely how much pedaling assistance they want.

Some of the car-like features present on the Car Killer include LED headlights, tail lights and an alarm system.

Ultimately, these bamboo e-bikes look to present a viable alternative to cars thanks to their powerful motor and high-tech accessories.