The New Mando Footloose Features Bigger Wheels Than Its Predecessors

 - Sep 24, 2015
References: mandofootloose & gizmag
The new Mando Footloose is a bigger-wheeled version of the e-bike that made its name for itself earlier this year. Previous versions of the bike were already unique in that they featured a novel appearance and also got by without a chain or belt drive. However, these versions featured tiny 20-inch wheels, while this new version features 26-inch wheels.

These larger wheels offer a number of advantages, such as making it easier to maintain high speeds and negotiate tricky terrain elements such as bumps and potholes.

While the Mando Footloose's chain-less mechanism has already made it a groundbreaking offering, this larger-wheeled version furthers its functionality by bringing together the many advantages of chain and belt drive setups along with the ability to safely and reliably navigate difficult and challenging terrain.