The Greyp G12S Features Revised Geometry and a Lighter Battery Module

 - Sep 24, 2015
References: greyp & gizmag
The Greyp G12S is a bike, recently introduced by Croatian company Greyp Bikes, that features a lot of the innovative features that made its predecessor the G12 so popular. However, this bike also features and a new and improved battery pack that is more powerful than ever, improved suspension and redesigned geometric cues.

This bike's 19-inch frame has undergone a significant rethink, with changes made to make it possible to accommodate electrical components that are hidden out of view behind the carbon fiber panels. Rather than placing a pair of battery modules inside as was the case with the G12, the G12S features a single unit that takes up less weight but promises more of a punch.

This intelligent design makes the Greyp G12 S a worthy successor to the groundbreaking G12, and will surely be of use in a wide variety of transportation contexts.