The Flux Bicycle Could Be Charged Wirelessly On the Go

 - Jul 28, 2014
References: offercanfi & dezeen
The Flux bicycle, envisioned by Royal COllege of Art graduate Offer Canfi, is a bicycle that could be powered using resonant inductive coupling -- a method of transmitting electrical energy without using man-made conductors. Canfi evisions a future for cycling where inductive bicycle lanes could be used to wirelessly charge electric bikes and other devices on the go.

The Flux bicycle is part of a wider vision wherein resonant inductive bicycle lanes represent the first step towards wireless power grids. In other words, roads and lanes could become power emitters that could be used to charge all kinds of devices without a need for batteries.

Inductive bicycle lanes would be created by laying a high-friction surface embedded with special emitter coils along sections of road. The current passing through these coils would transfer electricity to the bicycle.