- Aug 10, 2015
These innovative air purifiers help to remove lingering odors and dangerous allergens from your home environment. With more and more consumers living in urban areas, people are increasingly turning to devices that can help them breathe clean and smog-free air. These clever air filtration systems ensure that you can breathe easily in the comfort of your home.

Unlike air purifiers of the past, these new devices are often smaller and far more portable. For example, there are travel air purifiers that users can easily stash in their luggage and take to hotels. There are also in-car air filters that ensure you are breathing clean air in your home, as well as your vehicle.

Beyond changes in size, one of the other innovations in air filter design is the attention to decorative details. These new devices boast sleek and modern designs that allow them to serve as a decorative piece in any room of the home. Some of these chic and innovative air purifiers include amphora air fresheners, plant-based filters and mounted biological purifiers.

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