Simon Armitage's in Praise of Air Installation Also Delivers Air Filtration

 - May 21, 2014
References: simonarmitage & psfk
'In Praise of Air' is a new work from poet Simon Armitage, created to touch hearts, provoke thoughts and work as a giant air filtration system.

While Armitage took care of writing, the project also involved collaborating with scientists at Sheffield University for the creation of a gigantic 33' x 66' sheet of material, coated with titanium dioxide particles. With exposure to sunlight and oxygen, it's estimated that the titanium dioxide-coated sheet is capable of absorbing pollution from about 20 cars on a daily basis.

As well as provoking some thoughts about the environment, Armitage also notes that "I also hope it’s robust and intricate enough to sustain deeper enquiries … Poetry often comes out with the intimate and the personal, so it’s strange to think of a piece in such an exposed place, written so large and so bold."