- Aug 12, 2015
These beautiful canopy designs bring a uniquely artistic twist to traditional canopies. Each of these creative designs has a special feature or function that adds a great deal of interest to the functioning piece of art.

The upcycled umbrella canopy is truly a majestic display of art and architecture. With vibrant colors this outdoor canopy provides shade for guests, an eye-pleasing structure and an eco-friendly archway.

The whimsical balloon roof at the Hotel de Griffy courtyard is suspended above the heads of guests in a fantastical way. The bright pink balloons are punctured with light to cascade a soft hue of magically pink tones throughout the entire courtyard. Each of these canopy designs presents an aesthetically pleasing view while contributing either technologically or environmentally to those who pass below.

From Technicolor Floral Canopies to Origami Playground Canopies: