This Courtyard in France is Filled with Pink Balloons That Act as a Roof

When guests step into the whimsical courtyard at the Hotel de Griffy in France they are presented with a feeling of entering an alternate reality as it filled with hundreds of pink balloons. Some balloons are scattered among the grassy floor but most of them are stuffed into a hanging net that is suspended above the entire yard.

The net allows these pink balloons to act as a roof for the courtyard. As natural light fights to seep through the balloons, the entire space is engulfed with an illuminating magical hue of pink. The cherry blossom-inspired courtyard was designed by Margaux Rodot, Mickaël Martin & Benoit Tastet.

Hundreds of pink and white balloons were blown up to bring the fairy tale-esque scene to life. The installation titled The Tenth Spring lets visitors relax and enjoy the surreal moment of pure bliss.