Vehovar & Jauslin Collaborate with FormTL to Build a Floating Structure

 - Mar 27, 2014
References: & designboom
Vehovar & Jauslin and FormTL have come together to build a floating bus station canopy (or at least it has the appearance of being suspended in mid-air).

The design is also transparent, allowing natural sunlight to flow through on nice days. The Aarau Bus Station also has various openings across the roof, allowing for shelter when needed but also one to feel the elements if they so choose. Vehovar & Jauslin went for an extremely organic look for this design, as it appears as if the structure just spouted from the ground.

The canopy is also air-filled, creating great protection and insulation for those waiting for the bus. Because of it's air-bubble look, it almost blends into the clouds when looking up from the underside of the impressive and mind-bending structure. Photo Credits: designboom,