- Aug 4, 2015
These canine beds are examples of some of the most clever and convenient designs that are available for any snoozing pooch.

As a beloved family member, it is important to provide dogs with the perfect place to retreat after a long day. There are stylish beds such as the deluxe human-inspired bed from Cedel Are. Another completely different option is a bed like Noblecamper's camping dog bed, which is great for outdoor pets. This pooch bed is a pleasant place for dogs to stay warm and cozy. In addition, there are beds like the Dogghaus Luxury Dog Bed that is perfect for the art-loving canine.These beds feature intricate geometric shapes that provide a unique dog chaise as well as an interesting piece of household furniture.

The canine beds range from luxurious open-top pillows to private enclosed houses. Each bed provides a different sense of comfort.

From Canine Camping Beds to Modern Art Doggie Beds: