Torafu Architects' Wanmock is a Dog Hammock Made of Recyled Clothing

 - Jan 16, 2015
References: shop.spoon-tamago & spoon-tamago
Presented as a part of Architecture For Dogs, Wanmock is a dog hammock that is constructed from a used t-shirt. The project was conceived by the Torafu Architects team and is inspired by Jack Russell Terriers and their habit of burrowing in their owner's clothes.

The Wanmock dog hammock is supported by a collapsible wood base that is flat-packed and easy to put together. Once built, the base is covered with a used t-shirt that contains its owner's scent.

Small dogs will love the clever invention and are sure to spend hours cuddling in their favorite piece of owner clothing. Named after 'wan', meaning woof in Japanese, the Wanmock dog hammock boasts a comfortable and sustainable design.