From Contraband Kitty Treats to Floating Puppy Portraits

 - Dec 26, 2014
These December 2014 pet ideas range from contraband cat treats to floating puppy portraits that capture man's best friend in mid-air.

In addition to countless pet products, these ideas include humorous animal videos that personify one's pet in a charming way. From grateful rodent films to canine food critic clips, the videos feature adorable animals who are captured while feasting on human food.

Along with personified animal clips, these December 2014 pet ideas include adorable dog and cat-themed magazines that are centered around one's pet. These publications feature pop culture news, pet tips and artistic photographs that will appeal to cat and dog owners.

On the social media front, theme park feline blogs chronicle stray cats that are photographed around various Disney theme park locations. Overall, these ideas celebrate pet culture and will impress animal lovers.