Cristina Davis is Researching Dolphin Lungs Using a Breathalyzer

 - Nov 4, 2014
References: & fastcoexist
Biomedical engineering professor Cristina Davis has found an application for breathalyzers that goes far beyond identifying drunk drivers. The University of California professor is also the lead author of research on the dolphin breathalyzer. The tool typically used to determine alcohol content in humans is now being used as a determinant of dolphin health.

Cristina Davis and her team out of Sarasota, Florida are developing the breathalyzer tool to diagnose lung problems in dolphins. Davis notes due to the way in which marine mammals breathe, they are more likely to get infections than a land-based mammal. Mysterious pathogens can infect the "explosive breathers" and as such, Davis hopes to figure out more about what dolphins really inhale using the breathalyzer sampling tool she and her team developed.