Animal Food by Sarah DeRemer Combines Critters with Vegetables

 - Oct 30, 2014
References: facebook & designtaxi
In her fun series called Animal Food, Sarah DeRemer cleverly combines food like fruits and vegetables with live animals to create delicious hybrids. Shet used Photoshop to hybridize and manipulate these often unusual combinations in photographs. The digitally dissected animals also have new names from the Frovacado (frog meets avocado) to Penguimelon (penguin and watermelon).

Sara DeRemer was originally inspired by the sea cucumber, which led her to create other humorous juxtapositions. This is not the only pun involved, as she also created a Kiwi (New Zealand's national bird mixed with the fruit) and an Orange Chicken you won't find at Manchu Wok.

Animal Food was not just an amusing and potentially thought-provoking project, but "a study in form, color and negative space" according to the artist.