The AirBee Air Filtration System Follows You to Provide Fresh Air

 - Oct 12, 2013
References: electroluxdesignlab
The cutting-edge concept behind the AirBee air filtration system is the potential for people to bring fresh air with them wherever they go. How amazing would that be? Jiří Krišica's proposal for Electrolux relies on the principle of Air Multiplier Technology, enabling the clean gas to fan out from the bottom to keep the device afloat.

Modeled after the frisbee and the iconic image of a UFO, this halo-like flying saucer senses your body beneath it and hovers over your head as you move. It maintains a comfortable distance above you, gathering air from the surrounding indoor or outdoor environment, purifying it and sending it down. The AirBee can be controlled entirely by a smartphone app and it even offers the option of different specialized filters designed to aid even allergy sufferers.