The EVE Ionizer is a Portable Purifier for Any Location

 - May 17, 2014
References: style-pie & yankodesign
Many air purifiers are big bulky paper weights, but the EVE ionizer is different. The EVE will grab all sorts of smog, pollen, smoke and anything else you can think of in any location that you put it in.

Sometimes when you're driving it takes a little more than a pine shaped air freshener to keep your car from smelling like something died in there. The EVE ionizer is good for that, but it's also good for cooking, working on a car or anything else that gives off a strong smell.

Kitchens get filled with all sorts of scents, both good and bad. Rather than filling up your kitchen space with a big bulky piece of equipment, getting your hands on something handheld could be a smarter and more useful alternative.