The Electrolux Mushroom Contributes Filters and Infuses Indoor Spaces

 - Oct 14, 2013
References: electroluxdesignlab
A great many people would probably much rather be somewhere other than where they currently are -- perhaps on the beach, in the jungle or in the mountains. The Electrolux Mushroom is not a teleportation device; however, it has the power to alter your surroundings in more subtle ways so that you'll experience some form of escape.

The cutting-edge concept gadget gets mounted on your ceiling while the touchscreen control panel remains within reach. Thanut Chaovakul's idea is to enable the user to employ scent cartridges that will mimic the aromas of different places around the world. Chose your preferred fragrance and combine that with lighting effects, humidity and temperature, and the Electrolux Mushroom will transport your senses away. The device even functions as an air purifier and has five different modes for use at different times of the day.