The Vita Air Purifier Improves the Atmosphere of Every Room

 - Oct 30, 2013
References: & tuvie
Gone are the days of socket-bound aromatic devices to make way for innovative objects like the Vita Air Purifier. This is a tall vase that brings aesthetic elegance in your home, while offering a set of removable cylinders that deliver fresh scents.

Fulden Dehneli presents this gorgeous design of a wood and white sculptural stand that projects beautiful fluid images of water, green foliage or bright orange swirls on the floor around it. This helps to enhance the atmosphere of the room in a visual fashion.

In the top, it charges three individual Vita sticks that can be removed and carried to different corners of the house. The Vita Air Purifier allows you to move about with your fragrance-enhancing air filtration system and even control it with the help of a smartphone app.