The Window Air Purifier Works with Existing Architectural Ventilation

 - Feb 14, 2014
References: yankodesign
Air filtering devices are generally sold as stand-alone units or heavy-duty systems that require special installation. The Window Air Purifier lies somewhere between these as a mechanism that works with your home's existing fenestration.

Jeong Eunji and Jeon Youngwon developed the concept for sliding shutters that would have to be custom-fit to your particular window frames. The appliance looks just like your average shading window treatment, only subtly displaying a row of buttons between its central slats. The NPI air purification function comes alongside options to draw in or vent out gasses at different volumes and speeds. Operating in conjunction with your open or closed pane, the Window Air Purifier affords great control over the entry, the exit and the recirculation of exterior and interior air.