HERO is a Gamified Wearable Air Purification System

 - Jun 9, 2015
References: electroluxdesignlab
There are many wearable air purification systems out there in the fight against air pollution but none as innovative, interactive and fun as HERO, which allows the entire family to get involved physically. The idea consists of glasses, a gauntlet and rings. The glasses contain a camera that can scan your surroundings for air pollution and the wearer can terminate the pollutants with the gauntlet and rings, which emit UV-C ray, an ozone-generated ionization material. The gauntlet is worn on the forearm and the rings cover the four fingers of the hand. Each of these devices emits ionization materials by interpreting the electrical impulses produced by the movement of muscles.

HERO allows your family to spend quality time with each other and at the same time, create a clean indoor environment through selected scenarios. After the scan, characters are assigned to areas that have the most pollutants in order to battle polluted areas with gauntlets and rings.

HERO encourages your family to purify indoor air and make it fun. You can even sign in with an account to track your progress. You too can be a hero in the fight against air pollution!