The 'Aro' Scented Purifier Changes Your Emotions by Releasing Aromas

 - Aug 31, 2013
References: yankodesign
The 'Aro' scented purifier works to comfort users by detecting emotions and then releasing the appropriate aroma. Aro senses the mood in the room by detecting words said around it. After analyzing what has been said, the air purifier releases one of four aromas that best fits with the situation. As a result, users can feel their best while using the purifier.

Accompanying the scent is a series of design accents that take the purifier to a whole new level. The LED color changes depending on the scent in an effort to further enhance the emotion-altering features.

Aro works by taking unclean air through a hole on the side of the gadget and then pushing processed air through the top. Purified air with an accompanying aroma is released from the top. The microphone is located on the side of the purifier as well.