Purewall Air Filtration System Decorates and Converts Carbon Dioxide

 - Oct 13, 2013
References: electroluxdesignlab
There are three principle appealing products of the Purewall Air Filtration System that collectively improve your home and aid the planet. Designed by Natalie Anton as a stage two concept for the Electrolux Design Lab, this invention is fascinating both on and beneath the surface.

The organically formed mounting structure of the appliance is modular, yet it constructs an abstract and somewhat cellular-looking pattern on your wall as decoration. These components have large dimples in them, designed to hold the air purifier capsules. These elements can be controlled with the help of a smartphone app, and work throughout the day and night to convert CO2 into oxygen. The chemical reaction inside the Purewall Air Filtration System between the gas and cyanobacteria produces biomass that can be used for biofuel on a larger scale.