This Baby Pacifier Actually Combats Air Pollution

 - Jun 16, 2015
References: electroluxdesignlab
Now babies can take part in purifying the air with the Air Purifier Pacifier. This special pacifier is a portable air purifier that combines air purification with pacification. When the pacifier is inserted in the child's mouth, the temperature sensor, located in the mouthpiece, acts as a power button that begins the air purification process when a temperature change is sensed.

In this day and age with air pollution being a constant threat -- especially against a baby's health -- the Air Purifier Pacifier will aid the child in the fight against air pollution. The pacifier creates better air quality in the child's environment, helping him or her to grow up healthier. Parents will appreciate this device because not only will their baby be breathing cleaner air, their baby will be pacified as well. What more can a parent ask for?