From UV Protection Baby Beds to Intelligent Infant Air Purifiers

 - Dec 12, 2017
Infant protection from the elements is becoming an increasingly important cause as climate change continues to take affect, and brands are offering new and innovative ways to offer this protection for babies and their concerned parents.

One such example is the Fisher-Price Baby Dome, which can be set up anywhere to comfortably lay a baby down for a nap. The Baby Dome comes with a UV shade so that parents are able to pull the protective cover over the bed when they lay the baby down outdoors.

The iBaby Air is a tech innovation that is able to filter out pollutants in its surrounding environment, and is perfectly suited for a nursery in both its design and function. The smart air monitor is able to test the surrounding air quality, and identifies and filters out up to 18 different elements that can have negative impacts on infants' respiratory health.