The 'iBaby Air' Meaures Air Quality and Purifies Ions

 - Jul 13, 2016
References: ibabylabs & indiegogo
With industrialization and gas-burning locomotion has come rampant air pollution, even in the home, but new parents can keep the air clean with the iBaby Air. The grapefruit-sized device is a smart air quality monitor and ion purifier that connects to an app to give technologically savvy young families control over their children's living environment.

The iBaby Air's main function is to constantly test the air quality in a baby's room and then purify that air based on its results. It can identify 18 elements to which an infant's respiratory systems may be sensitive, including carbon monoxide and alcohol, then purify the air using negative ions.

The iBaby Air comes in three colours: pure white, light wood and dark wood.