The Hyperlien 'Modern Classic Gran Torino' Yacht is Well-Appointed

 - Jan 28, 2016
References: hpl-yacht & yankodesign
The number of millionaire consumers in the world has risen sharply, which has increased the demand for modern yachts like the Hyperlien 'Modern Classic Gran Torino.' Created to offer seafarers an experience unlike any other, the Hyperlien 'Modern Classic Gran Torino' is capable of revealing or hiding furniture within as desired.

One of the interesting notions about the Hyperlien 'Modern Classic Gran Torino' is that while the interior is exceptionally modern, the exterior draws inspiration from vehicles and vessels of the past.

Measuring in at 46-feet, the Hyperlien 'Modern Classic Gran Torino' is a modern yacht that would provide exquisite functionality for owners. With the luxury market for premium vehicles only increasing, this release from Hyperlien helps satisfy a growing demand.