'k101' is a BMW-Inspired Motorcycle Made by Artists and Designers

 - Apr 21, 2016
References: impuls.xyz & mocoloco
'k101' is the name of a handcrafted motorcycle created by designers Phillip Wulk and Matthias Pittner of Impuls in collaboration with artist Fabian Gatermann.

The design of the motorbike is based on the BMW k100, which is where the name of the new creation comes from. The perspective that the artist and designers brought to the project caused the motorcycle to be created in a truly unique way. After the motorcycle's design was completed by Gatermann in 3D, the computer-inspired polygons from the frame were drawn back onto the motorcycle by hand. This design detail can be seen on the parts of the motorcycle that frame the driver's seat.

The two designers from Impuls also worked to create a second motorcycle with artist Matthias Edlinger.