From Accessible Art Collections to Digital Algorithm Paintings

 - May 1, 2016
Sculptures, canvases, exhibits and installations are just a few of the ways that artists are expressing themselves in these May 2016 art ideas. Some of the most intriguing new creations include 3D-printed replicas of classical paintings, hand-painted fridges and morphing digital canvases with art created through complicated algorithms.

Brands are actively participating in the creation and sales of accessible art. For instance, IKEA created an Art Photography collection with works from famed contemporary artists around the world at affordable prices, Nike set up an exhibit at this year's Milano Design Week called 'The Nature of Motion,' and Motorola collaborated with a street artist for the release of a special-edition smartphone. The desire for consumers to capture and document daily lives is causing a newfound appreciation for art and design, and with it, a revival of accessible art.