Tilt Brush Lets You Create Paintings In Three-Dimensional Space

Tilt Brush is an exceptionally innovative, engaging, immersive and futuristic VR painting app, released by Google, that is designed to make it possible and easier than ever for you to paint incredible pictures in three-dimensional space with little effort.

This incredible VR painting app, available on the HTC Vive virtual reality headset, allows you to go ahead and select your colors and brushes before beginning to paint in air. Because you're essentially painting in three-dimensional space, you can easily step around and through your paintings as you go, allowing yourself to check out different angles and perspectives. This sort of exceptional control and scope for imagination allows you to quickly and easily make the impossible possible by adding in whatever elements you feel like adding.

Ultimately, this VR painting app is a futuristic artistic invention that will help foster the imaginations of artists.