Jacqueline Terpins Designs a Collection of Artistically Quirky Cups

 - Apr 23, 2016
References: terpins & fubiz.net
The conceptual glassware of Jacqueline Terpins, an artist hailing from Brazil, will intrigue people instantly. Although they can be used practically as cups or even vases, many will find it hard not to view them strictly as artistic sculptures to be enjoyed visually alone. Full of unique shapes, vibrant colors and clever optical effects, they can't be blamed for that perspective.

Yet no matter how different their shapes are, there is a common design language between each of the conceptual glassware. Fluid, contemporary and full of unique personality, the conceptual glassware makes a memorable impact for all the right reasons. People can display them in the home as decor pieces or more practical ones. That said, they will always be interpreted as decorative even if put to use as drinking vessels.