Installation Artist Biancoshock Turns Manholes into Cramped Miniature Rooms

 - Apr 5, 2016
References: biancoshock & thisiscolossal
Fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will love this series of abandoned manhole art. A outdoor installation artist has turned them into miniature rooms that, granted, won't fit all four vigilantes and Splinter, their mentor, but will bring to mind creatures living right under us humans' noses.

Located in the streets of Milan, Italy, the abandoned manhole art was created by Biancoshock. Each of the cramped subterranean spaces feature hanging artwork, kitchen utencils and tiled walls, making them look like quintessential homes in spite of their size and location. Clever, creative and very playful, the series is titled Borderlife and "meant to draw attention to a more serious issue in Bucharest, where many hundreds of people now live underground in the sewer system," writes This is Colossal.