Anton Repponen Takes New York Structures Out of Natural Habitat

 - Apr 24, 2016
References: work.repponen &
Anton Repponen imagines an alien world that is somewhat familiar to that found on Earth, but slightly different. That's because building from New York City appear to have picked up and left the metropolis in order to live out a quieter life in the middle of nowhere. Yet instead of looking strange, Anton Repponen's photoshopped images simply look futuristic.

Dubbed Misplaced, Anton Repponen's latest art project is masterfully created. From flawless lighting to overall photo manipulation, some people might be tricked into seeking out these monuments in real life. By displacing them, Anton Repponen encourages us to appreciate both architecture in a different light as well as the planet in general. Landscapes can be drastically different than they are.