These Prints Render Famed Works of Art into Dimensional Figurines

 - Apr 19, 2016
References: warneckedaniel.wix & designboom
Daniel Warnecke is an artist that is experimenting with 3D design to recreate several famous classical portrait paintings into figurines. The art is managed using 3D-printing to turn the two dimensional works into miniature statues in the style of the original painter. Warnecke's technique showcases how antiquated art history can be revamped for modern viewers using new found technology.

The figurines capture paintings such as Girl With a Pearl Earring and Vincent Van Gogh's self-portrait with a modern twist, both in the technology used to create the miniature statues and the aesthetic. Many of the figurines are dressed in modern clothing to suit today's date.

As Warnecke puts it, "by creating modern incarcerations of famously known and iconic portraits using 3D printing, I am able to engage the audience by showing them something very familiar and recognizable but in a completely new way of viewing."Photo Credits: designboom, warneckedaniel.wix