These Paper Sculptures Feature Lifelike Versions of Animals and Plants

 - Apr 5, 2016
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This alchemy art series consists of wooden boxes and paper sculptures and is the work of Allison May Kiphuth. The artist's collection of immersive pieces is an homage to Maine, located in the heart of America's east coast.

Cutting and folding paper to mimic lifelike foliage, landscape scenery and underwater life, Allison May Kiphuth creates striking dioramas that will intrigue both art and nature lovers. This alchemy art series features paper sculptures that are contained within wooden frames, with each resembling something out of a story book or vintage scientific journal.

Whether displayed as solitary pieces or a collective unit, these sculptural dioramas are an impressive display of artist Allison May Kiphuth's attention to detail and her appreciation for nature's raw beauty.