The mö Solar Electricity Velomobile Can be Powered by the Sun or Humans

 - Jan 15, 2016
References: evovelo & gizmag
As modern infrastructure needs expand and city inhabitants seek out new forms of transportation, innovations like the mö solar electricity velomobile are being observed.

A three-wheeled vehicle that enables two riders to cruise comfortably through a city, the mö eco mobile can be powered either by the sun via the incorporated solar panels on the roof or the interior bicycle pedals.

Designed by Spain-based evovelo, the mö is capable of traveling up to 31mph with a similar range of about 30-miles. The regenerative brake system allows the energy that's exerted during braking to be sent back to the motor for utilization.

The mö velomobile could help to transform preconceptions about how consumers in cities can get around without needing to stop at the pump.