From Affordable Electric Cars to Tablet-Integrated Dashboards

 - Feb 27, 2016
From affordable electric vehicles that facilitate eco-friendly transport to tablet-integrated dashboards that keep drivers digitally connected, the February 2016 auto trends reveal changing consumer preferences when it comes to buying vehicles.

Although Tesla was a pioneer in bringing electric cars to the mainstream, other car companies have offered their own take on the technology. Perhaps the most impressive example of this is the Chevy Bolt, which is not only the first all-electric vehicle, but also a highly affordable option for consumers. Innovations such as the Chevy Bolt demonstrate that electric vehicles are no longer a niche market, but a viable option for eco-conscious consumers.

Beyond creating more sustainable vehicles, car companies have also begun giving their autos a number of high-tech upgrades. Indeed, the February 2016 auto trends reveal that consumers are looking for ways to stay connected at all times, even in their vehicles. As a result, there have been a number of digital auto innovations such as tablet-integrated dashboards, contactless touchscheen consoles and even biometric driving systems.