Volvo's Smart Band Setup Lets You Control Your Car Via Your Smartwatch

 - Jan 23, 2016
References: media.volvocars & gizmag
If you're a fan of the classic 1980s TV show Knight Rider starring David Hasselhoff, you might be interested in getting yourself to use one of these high-tech smart bands. Swedish automotive company Volvo and computing giant Microsoft have joined forces in order to allow progressive car-owners to easily, conveniently and remotely control their vehicles via their smart band.

The smart band is hooked up to Volvo's 'On Call' smartwatch app for increased functionality. This system is exceedingly simple to use in conjunction with a Microsoft Band 2 -- you can use the system to turn on the car's heater, honk its horn and even get the car started.

This automotive smart band could represent the future of personal automotive control, as it uses a fast-growing technology -- the smart band -- to enable control of simple vehicular functions and features.