- Mar 3, 2016
The next generation of smart car dashboards are set to reveal more than just information on a driver's mileage. Connected dashboards of the future are set to provide more assistance than ever by using augmented reality for navigation, prediction software to anticipate traffic or alerts to redirect the attention of distracted or drowsy drivers. In order to ensure these systems are enhancing road safety, dashboards like the BMW AirTouch are being introduced with contactless gesture-based interfaces.

Beyond safety, in-car systems of the future are also becoming smarter and able to execute tasks like choosing entertainment that will be the same length as a trip, ordering pizza, booking restaurants and even making fuel payments.

in order to make these new interfaces as user-friendly as possible, many of them integrate tablet-inspired forms, like InfiniApps' DuoMount and Aston Martin's Autolink Rapide S console.

From Seatbelt Alert Systems to In-Car Fuel Payments: