The 'Buckle Me Up' System Ensures That Kids Buckle Up For the Ride

 - Feb 20, 2015
References: bucklemeup & gizmag
'Buckle Me Up' is a technological contraption, designed by an Australian startup, that ensures that young kids buckle up before the car gets on the road. Since many cars aren't equipped with rear seatbelt alert systems, kids often don't buckle up and this can of course lead to tragic outcomes. That's why this system comes fitted with wireless rear seatbelt warning systems.

Buckle Me Up comprises a dashboard-mounted alert system and a handy pair of cartridges that hook up to two of the rear seatbelt buckles. If a seatbelt buckle is released, the cartridge transmits a radio signal that provokes flashing and beeping, alerting the driver.

This system is pretty brilliant when you consider that it doesn't exactly use exorbitantly expensive technology but solves a huge problem.