The 'CityCar' Bridges the Gap Between Electric Cars and Bicycles

 - Jan 11, 2016
References: & fastcoexist
MIT is on a mission to change the face of urban transport with a hybrid vehicle called the 'CityCar.' In recent years, many city dwellers have turned to bicycles and other forms of eco-friendly transportation as an alternative to driving. This unique vehicle offers the flexibility of a bicycle, while also providing the comforts of a conventional car.

The CityCar was designed for MIT’s Mobility-On-Demand project, which examines different ways of replacing cars in dense urban environments. The CityCar is an example of a Persuasive Electric Vehicle, which means that it is a cross between a bicycle and an electric car. The vehicle consists of an electric trike that is covered by a durable canopy. To complement city driving, the vehicle features rear-wheels that can spin on the spot and the unique ability to switch from a low-down driving position to an upright parking position.

With its compact design and flexible features, this hybrid vehicle offers a viable alternative to conventional transport.