From 3D-Printed Solar Cars to Autonomous Sailing Vessels

 - May 27, 2016
With the growing popularity of electric cars, solar-powered vehicles are no longer a far-fetched idea. Indeed, companies are increasingly turning to renewable energy sources to fuel the future of the transportation industry.

While many solar-powered vehicles are still in the early stages of development, there are a number of concept cars that appear to be viable options. The majority of these vehicles feature solar panel on the roof that absorb energy while the car is moving. One unique example of this approach is a 3D-printed vehicle that uses bespoke solar panels on the body of the car to capture the sun's rays from every angle.

While these kinds of hybrid vehicles are in high-demand among consumers, they may also be used by other industries as well. For example, a Uganda-based startup called Kiira Motors Corporation has created a solar-powered bus that could make public transit even more eco-friendly. Another unique use of solar power is exemplified by the MRV100 food cart, which could cut down on the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by food trucks.