'Uber Trip Experiences' Now Integrate Other Apps into the User's Trip

 - Jan 23, 2016
References: newsroom.uber & psfk
'Uber Trip Experiences' is just another way that the rideshare business is continuing to expand its services and app design to enhance user experience. Uber is now giving other app developers a major opportunity to integrate their services into users' drives. These apps can now gain access to information about the drive -- like the location, city sights driven by and length of trip -- as long as the user agrees.

Using this data, an entertainment app, for instance, could suggest a video or playlist that matches the length of the drive for a user to enjoy. Another integrated app could inform tourists about the area they are traveling through or even suggest restaurants to visit. Finally, smart home device developers could provide an app that allowed Uber passengers to turn their heat on remotely as they're driving home.

Uber Trip Experiences illustrates a perfect example of the ways that business collaboration can result in mutual innovation and increased consumer interaction.