A Dune Buggy Excursion with Signature Vacations

After a incredibly relaxing day at the beach and the poolside bars at the Riu Republica, it was time to explore some of the nearby activities.

We set off on our dune buggy adventure organized by Signature Vacations. On vacation, I like simple and easy and our friendly driver Jose took us directly to our awaiting adventure. We arrived and I was excited by the Polaris dune buggies. These appeared to have some serious "get up & go", and I was right!

We arrived at a small village where we stopped for some refreshments. They also had an amazing shop selling local goods including: coffee, cacao, vanilla, cinnamon, green tea, oregano and Mamajuana. No, read carefully! Not the green stuff, but a locally produced alcohol that reportedly has aphrodisiac-like powers. Curious, I asked what was in it. It consists of 2 parts honey, 3 parts wine and 5 parts alcohol. Where I come from wine = alcohol, so that would make it 8 parts by my math, but they count alcohol differently here apparently.

And if you are a coffee lover, it is paradise times 2! Fresh roasted coffee beans prepared in front of your eyes. The smell was heavenly and the taste was too! Somehow, the authenticity of this experience cheapened my Starbucks addiction (although that ain’t a cheap addiction by any stretch).

The next stop was cave swimming. With the Caribbean sun warming up, the fresh waters were a welcome way to cool off and relax. Afterwards, one of the local boys offered me a photo with his pet iguana. Somehow his laughter and charming smile allowed him to perch his amphibian on my head. I still am surprised, but I laugh everytime I see the photo. Several small restaurants provided home made meals and a cold cerveza perfectly capped of the swim break.

With that, we completed the dune buggy trip and headed back to the Riu Republica for the afternoon. Now the big decision was a siesta or a margarita at Aquamar, the swim up bar? Life is tough. :)

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