From Car Servicing Restaurants to Automotive Upkeep Apps

 - Mar 8, 2016
From dealerships with built-in restaurants to apps that tell consumers when they are due for an oil change, there is a clear shift towards innovative car services. Indeed, it seems that consumers now expect more when it comes to buying and owning a vehicle.

One of the most interesting changes in terms of car services is the evolution of dealerships. Instead of waiting around while their car is being serviced, consumers can now enjoy special perks that make the experience far more enjoyable. Some examples of innovative dealerships include complementary spa services, built-in restaurants and luxurious auto lounges.

Not only is it becoming more enjoyable for consumers to have their car repaired, but innovative car services are also making it easier to track and schedule maintenance. For example, the myCARFAX app tracks a vehicle's service history and issues alters when maintenance is required. The Openbay app performs a similar services by helping users schedule their next oil change or break-check with the nearest auto professional.