myCARFAX Reminds a Driver of Needed Car Maintenance and Service

 - Mar 5, 2015
References: mycarfax & wkyc
From oil changes to tire rotations, filter changes, brake fixes and registration deadlines, there are a lot of issues that drivers deal with when it comes to car maintenance and service. In an effort to help people stay organized, myCARFAX is an app from Carfax that ensures vehicles can always sail smoothly on the road.

Within the app, users can manage up to five vehicles at a time. The app tracks a car's full service history, provides repair cost estimates, locates nearby service shops and notes any product recalls that may be relevant to driver and passenger safety. When it's time for scheduled maintenance, the app even provides a timeline and alerts for when a car is in need of attention, or overdue to be looked at. Since the app does so much of the work for you in the background, there's hardly a need to constantly check in—myCARFAX will keep you in the loop.