- Jun 2, 2015
Whether you're trying to compose your own tunes or simply stream your favorite songs, these groovy music apps are perfect for any occasion. With novel technology and interactive features, music apps have gone beyond simply being a tool for creating playlists to offer a whole host of other features.

Some of the most innovative new music apps are those that let you create music yourself. Interactive touchscreen technology has allowed for apps that make it easy for any user to compose, record and mix their own music. There are even compatible devices for several of these apps that expand your music making capabilities to soundboards and other digitally connected instruments.

For the less creatively inclined, there are more traditional music apps that help you to preview, stream or purchase your favorite tracks. Of course, many of these apps go beyond simply pumping out tunes. Some of the more innovative features among these apps include soundtracks that will sync to the pace of your running, music libraries that will choose songs based on your current heart rate and intuitive programs that will musically mirror your current emotional state. These kind of smart features demonstrate that today's groovy music apps are taking advantage of new technology to create a more immersive musical experience for consumers.

From Body-Syncing Music Apps to Interactive Album-Remixing Apps: