The Vibetunes App Lets Deaf People Enjoy Music

 - Jul 7, 2013
References: & adsoftheworld
In a campaign for the Cartagena Music Festival, ad agency Y&R Columbia decided to help the hearing impaired feel music through the Vibetunes app. The app works to transform any song on your phone into its physical equivalent. Vibetunes makes your phone vibrate along with a song's frequencies so that you can experience the beats and intricacies of each song. As a result, those that are deaf can enjoy a tune without hearing it.

The Vibetunes app was inspired by the Cartagena Music Festival's philosophy that music is for everyone. In the spirit of inclusiveness, Y&R decided to spread music to the one group that is physically incapable enjoying it. By developing Vibetunes, the ad agency is helping the Cartagena Music Festival reach more people while giving back the enjoyment of music to some people.