- Apr 29, 2015
Employment apps are becoming an increasingly popular way for job-seekers to connect with people looking to fill positions. These apps are proving particularly among young people weary of traditional forms of job applications, as well as forward-thinking hiring managers looking to streamline their hiring processes.

If young people are to use job-hunting apps, it's imperative that these apps be easy to use. Better yet if they mimic the interface and user experience of other apps that many young people are already familiar with, such as Tinder for example! It's no joke -- a number of employment-search apps have borrowed Tinder's now-iconic swipe-right swipe-left system to match job-seekers with people and businesses looking to fill positions.

The presence of employment apps targeting hourly wage workers. white-collar workers and volunteers proves that there are enough niches in the job-hunting app market for many different players to prosper.

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