Humtap by Tamer Rashad Creates Full Compositions Through Hums and Taps

 - Mar 13, 2015
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Humtap is a creative music-making app that is incredibly user friendly. Relying on people's intuitive musical abilities, all it requires is a hummed tune or tapped beat in order to create an entire composition. Logging in through Facebook, people can use the music-making app on their own or with others.

Created by Egyptian-American entrepreneur Tamer Rashad, the music-making app helps people better express themselves through music on the fly. Rashad says, "We created Humtap to allow anyone to be able to create professional-quality music in something like 10 seconds. We’ve taken a once-complicated multi-stage process and made it simple enough for anyone." Through Humtap, people are able to make original music for themselves, their friends and followers in a way that is easy and convenient.